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At a glance

The client

With 29 million store customers and nearly a billion online visitors every year, Argos are One of the UK’s leading digital retailers.


Product development, Social, Retail, Customer analysis, Staff performance monitoring


Strategy, UX design, Frontend development, Backend development

Did you know?

Argos began life as Green Shield Gift House...

The problem

Argos receives customer feedback from a variety of sources, including online and in-store surveys, staff interviews and social media comments. To make sense of all this information, Argos required a management console that could integrate and display a range of data in a meaningful fashion. A dashboard capable of presenting numerous datasets and statistics was needed so that key staff could make informed business decisions.

The solution

To meet Argos' needs we developed a pilot solution around an interactive dashboard capable of holding and displaying both simple and complex data. This was held on a secure site that allowed senior management to log in and see combined data from across the UK. Whilst the underlying data may have been complex, we designed the dashboard so that it was easy to use and interpret. Having carried out a controlled trial of the system, Argos is now rolling out the tool to all managers as it has become an integral part of Argos' data analysis and insight management. Phase two of the tool – which integrates and translates multiple social and review platforms  - is currently under development.

The result