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Dogs Trust - Puppy Smuggling

At a glance

The client

Dogs Trust are the national and International Charity who’s mission is to bring about the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction


Charity, animation highlighting the dangers of pupply smuggling to both consumer, press and politicians


Strategy, UX, Design, Creative, Build, Voiceover

Did you know?

In 2017 Dogs Trust saved over 600 puppies, rescuing them from illegal smugglers and giving them the love and care they urgently need

The problem

Puppy smuggling is a sickening trade and it’s happening now. Every day puppies are smuggled illegally into Britain after travelling for days in horrific conditions without food, water or healthcare. Dealers from Central and Eastern Europe smuggle in fashionable breeds such as Bulldogs, Pugs, Chow Chows and Daschunds in suitcases, cages in vans or simply thrown into the boots of cars to fuel the Great British demand for the latest in ‘must-have’ puppies. Puppies are arriving in Britain as young as four weeks old simply because they look cuter on their advert and can go for a much higher price. All puppies should be microchipped, and be at least 15 weeks old. Many puppies never make it, and the ones that do need urgent veterinary care and will cost their new owners thousands of pounds in bills. Or, sometimes the only thing to do is to put them to sleep.

Brought in with fake information on their passports, puppies have been ripped away from their mothers too early, are too young and aren’t vaccinated. It’s truly scandalous that these puppies are put through this ordeal. If they get caught with illegally smuggled puppies, smugglers often leave them for dead and head back home to collect the next batch, to try their luck again the next day. Truly outrageous.Dogs Trust is the first charity to work with the UK border controls and rescue any illegal puppies they discover. Sadly for some, it’s already too late. Not all of them survive the torturous journey.

The solution

Dam delivered at least 4 options for each desired pose and worked with ITV in a close iterative fashion rapidly responding to feedback and working in a highly optimised way. Dam delivered the project over 2 main phases of development for the Style Guide and various events. This included over 25 characters, composite group poses, vehicles and accessories. Dam also modelled, textured and animated various additional props as well as an animated logo for the Chinese market.

The result