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At a glance

The client

iCustomer - customer experience consultancy


Complete rebrand with UX and content strategy as well as build


Branding, Asset creation, Design, UX, Build

Did you know?

Consistently great customer experience will increase your revenue by 2.4x

The problem

When iCustomer approached Dam to design and create a new website, we were able to convince them that they needed more than just a logo to differentiate their brand and with a new website they had the perfect opportunity to go the whole hog and get more than just a facelift! Their old website didn’t communicate an innovative company that is involved in creating state of the art machine learning software (Metric LS). In addition to this, there were no assets or brand guidelines. Their old logo wasn’t well executed and didn’t reflect the company’s values and mission of understanding customer’s needs.

The client had great knowledge in their field, provided us with lots of written content however they needed help in simplifying their message and translating it to the digital environment.

The solution

Our idea was to do a complete brand refresh that reflected their proposition and represented their core idea. We started by defining the 3 guiding principles and relayed everything we created back to these principles. We created a set of characters that we could use to tell stories from a customer POV. From these stories we storyboarded and animated them to bring the proposition to life. We redesigned the logo and created a brand toolkit to help them tell the story of their clients customers and explain their process.


We also helped the client with their content strategy and worked closely with them to simplify the language and structure of a very complex AI system for a wider audience.


It was a challenging project in terms of changing the client’s perception of branding and digital design, but the outcome was very rewarding.

The result