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ITV - Robozuna

At a glance

The client

ITV are a UK based TV broadcaster and program developer. In 2018 they commissioned a childrens TV show called Robozuna which ran for 2 series


Modelling and rendering of characters and vehicles from the series for a Style Guide that would be shared with prospective licences of merchandise and event promotion


Modelling, Rendering

Did you know?

ITV approached Dam Digital as the only UK company capable of working with the pipeline required for this work. i.e. Maya and Guerilla rendering

The problem

ITV required a UK company to rig, pose and render characters and vehicles from the Robozuna series to include in a Style Guide for event promotion materials. ITV needed a partner who could not only work with un-rigged models, but also replicate the pipeline used by the studio. Multiple poses for each character were required, including post-process effects as well as a number of high resolution outputs for use on large format printed displays. Dam were the only company in the UK capable of using the pipeline required, working with Maya and Guerilla Render.

The solution

Dam delivered at least 4 options for each desired pose and worked with ITV in a close iterative fashion rapidly responding to feedback and working in a highly optimised way. Dam delivered the project over 2 main phases of development for the Style Guide and various events. This included over 25 characters, composite group poses, vehicles and accessories. Dam also modelled, textured and animated various additional props as well as an animated logo for the Chinese market.

The result