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At a glance

The client

PDSA are the UK's leading veterinary charity, providing free veterinary care to the sick and injured pets of people in need and promoting responsible pet ownership.


New fully integrated online retail platform


Strategy, UX, Design, Build, Integration, Payment


470,000 pets cared for

Donations added to over 20% of all orders

The problem

Following successful trials of a white-label solution from veterinary supplies distributor Centaur, PDSA needed a new online platform from which to sell pet products.

The solution

The PDSA Pet Store project began with customer research to determine the type of customers willing to purchase from PDSA and the position that they should take in the already crowded pet supplies marketplace. Unable to compete on price with supermarkets and pet superstores, the PDSA offering needed to appeal to customers' brand affinity and trust as well as their willingness to contribute to a worthy cause. The result of this was a content and messaging strategy that focused on the benefits of buying through the PDSA pet store rather than a value or price proposition.

The open source platform NopCommerce was chosen for a number of reasons, not least so that it could be supported and maintained by PDSA's in-house development team once build was complete.  One of our great achievements of this build was delivering all of the required functionality with plugins and extensions rather than making changes to the core NopCommerce code. This makes the platform much easier to maintain and allows utilisation of future NopCommerce features and upgrades without extensive rework.

Plans are in place for future enhancements and expansion of the product and supplier range.

The result