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Why should you choose Optimizely for your CMS or digital commerce platform? Here are the reasons why we think Optimizely could be right for your company

Combine commerce and content

If you are looking for a solution that makes it easy to drag and drop content and products on the same page, then Optimizely is the right choice for you. The platform has all of the features you would expect from a commerce platform, including product and catalog management, payment and checkout.


Core capabilities for CMS

You can easily manage content and marketing campaigns on one screen. You no longer need to rely on IT to create new experiences. Optimizely CMS has a number of features that help you automatically work smarter. These include automatic A/B testing, landing pages and content recommendations.



Optimizely has invested a lot in personalisation capabilities that will make your experiences stand out. Start small with personas or use advanced AI to personalise content or products for every single visitor. Manage and individualise content experiences on one screen with their market-leading web content management solution.


Why we work with Optimizely

We believe that delivering your commerce, content and digital marketing projects within one platform enables rapid & sustainable growth, accelerates your time to value and builds a data-driven, personalised relationship with your audience. We have a great understanding of which features and add-ons can help you get quick results with minimal effort.


Our expertise

Dam’s in-house expert, Mark, has been working with Optimizely for over 4 years as a Solution and Implementation Architect. With his extensive knowledge of the Optimizely product range and a supportive team, he's our go-to product expert. Mark not only works with our team to create the best experience, UI and management for our clients but will train their teams as part of the process. Take a look at our case studies below to see how flexible and customisable Optimizely is.

Our experience


McArthurGlen needed a new platform for their online presence – and they needed it fast. Taking the output of some in-centre user testing we put together a dedicated combined agency/client scrum team and designed, built, populated, tested and deployed a new site for their Roermond (Holland) outlet in just six weeks.

Three languages, transactional, and integrated with internal and external systems for data collection and footfall data, the new site was built with Optimizely CMS and deployed on their cloud platform.


Cosmos wanted 3 websites in 6 months. DAM and Cosmos formed a joint Scrum team to combine knowledge and skill sets. Working to an Agile methodology, in less than six months the team re-engineered the website content management process, combining two legacy systems into a responsively designed Optimizely-based site with full integration into Cosmos’ reservations system.

Dam delivered a fully integrated online CMS-driven platform with real-time pricing and availability.