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We’re in the business of making. We invent category defining user experiences, products and services for some pretty awesome brands. We take nothing for granted and aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo and ask the difficult questions - even if the answers result in a smaller project! Don’t take our word for it, take a look…


We create bespoke teams for each project so that you get the right mix of talent and experience to solve your problems. Unlike some other agencies who see a deadline as an aspiration, we do what we say we’re going to do, when we say we’re going to do it. We’re very proud that we’ve never failed to deliver within agreed timelines and never ask for more money. We think that's pretty amazing!


After supporting and managing the Milano website for Pizza Express for more than three years, Dam were asked to redevelop the site to bring it in line with new Pizza Express branding. Dam had a clear framework of areas for improvement, and the creative team quickly understood the message that needed to be sent across to Milano's users.



Sir Arthur C. Clarke said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

We like to think we create a lot of magical things.


Anil is as far north as we go!


Courtenay rallies the troops.


We worked with iCustomer to help create a brand and content strategy that clarified exactly how company's can achieve customer satisfaction and increase profits. This was a project where everyone's a winner!



With the help of research, prototyping and testing, the UX team ensures the user is at the centre of every decision made.
They’re like a user's guardian angels without wings.
They work closely alongside the creative and development teams to design intuitive and user friendly solutions for our clients.


Is the best creative on the planet...probably

Optimizely specialist and Bronze partner

We believe that delivering your commerce, content and digital marketing projects within one platform enables rapid & sustainable growth, accelerates your time to value and builds a data-driven, personalised relationship with your audience. We have a great understanding and experience in using Optimizely for various clients and know which features and add-ons can help you get quick results with minimal effort.

Our work with Optimizely


We can't pronounce it either


Harry was originally called The Poet and was conceived as part of the Gates of Hell....(Oh no. Wait. That's the Rodin statue The Thinker he models himself on!)

ITV - Robozuna

ITV required a UK company to model and render characters and vehicles from the Robozuna series to include ina Style Guide and event promotion materials.


Mind the gap

We’re conveniently located near St. Paul's, Blackfriars and Mansion House tube stations




This is her developers peace sign. Honest

PDSA shop

Online Veterinary supplies store for this amazing animal charity


Why it's important to continually optimise your website

Our very own UX supremo, Sophie King wrote an article for Net Magazine's Opinions, Thoughts and Advice column.

When designing anything it can be easy for us to let our subconscious opinions creep into our designs and it is important to remember the value of data and putting our users first. Sophie talks about tips on how to continually optimise a brand's digital presence. 

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Auto WIndscreens

Auto Windscreens knew they had an outdated website with a booking process that didn’t work well for their customers, insured and private. We used customer insights, real time testing and data to create an intuitive process that is otherwise an unwieldy and laborious but necessary task within this sector. With a dynamic redesign to match we went bold with this one.


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Luxury leading with digital

luxury brands are in need of progressive digital strategies or face being left behind. Young affluent consumers are increasing in numbers and, with it, the way in which they shop for luxury is changing in line with their needs and demands.

Nadia Turan, our Executive Creative Director writes for Econsultancy about luxury brands needing to put digital first.

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Peter's got a lot of chat

Barnardo's campaign microsite

Barnardo's ‘Believe in Me’ campaign showed the world why children are so incredible, whoever they are, and whatever their circumstances. We created a hub for Barnardo's to bring the campaign to life, showing the children they support and giving them their own voice, letting them show people why their work is so important.



Which? needed expert support to develop an effective CRM journey underpinned by robust insight. Whilst the Which? brand is immediately recognised and trusted, their communications programme needed a stronger retention thread in order to maximise revenue. For 4 years Dam have worked with Which? to achieve this.



Some say our technical team dreamt up the internet long before Sir Tim Berners-Lee and that when they go home they help Professor Stephen Hawking understand the wonders of the universe. All we know is they’re probably the best technical team in the world…

Dogs Trust - Sponsor a Dog

With more than 1,400 stray and abandoned dogs in Dogs Trust's care at any one time and with no government funding, are totally dependent on the generosity of the public. Dogs Trust really needed our help to create an engaging online experience for potential sponsors to help towards providing a dog with the home they deserve.



Did we tell you how passionate we are about creativity. It’s our deep deep passion that drives the passion we have for it. Honestly we love it and can get really sexy about it.


The digital education sector is a disrupted market, but one that’s experiencing unprecedented growth. We pitched for, and won, the project to develop a new online platform for ITNedu that would provide educational videos to publishers. With a number of complex integration requirements we managed to create and launch a successful new platform for a great new client.


Argos Data Dashboard

Argos receives customer feedback from a variety of sources, including online and in-store surveys, staff interviews and social media comments. To make sense of all this information, Argos required a management console that could integrate and display a range of data in a meaningful fashion so that key staff could make informed business decisions.



McArthurGlen’s online presence needed a refresh in their visual look and feel – the luxury fashion brand market their outlet centres as an experiential shopping destination and required their website to convey this.



McArthurGlen needed a new platform for their online presence – and they needed it fast. Taking the output of some in-centre user testing we put together a dedicated combined agency/client scrum team and designed, built, populated, tested and deployed a new site in just six weeks.



Crisis UK, the national charity for homeless people identified the requirement for a new website that encouraged engagement with the charity throughout the year, not just for Christmas. We wanted to provide Crisis with a new website that would provide an unrivaled digital experience for supporters and more importantly for the beneficiaries.



Cosmos are a trusted name in the UK holiday industry. Following in-depth market research, however, it became clear that the brand needed reinvigorating to meet the needs of consumers and travel agents. Dam worked closely with Cosmos to create a brand new shiny website to engage and inspire consumers and make it simple to research, book and manage their holidays.


Marie Curie

Marie Curie provides care and support for people living with terminal illnesses, and their families. The challenges of optimising a website so it can  support, care for and inform its  audiences must be intuitive and done with sensitivity. We’re working with Marie Curie to optimise their current site to allow more flexibility for the end user and content managers alike...



Asked by the Byron Operations team to upgrade and enhance their intranet, we worked with them to understand their real need and ended up making a hospitality tool that now acts as the restaurant chain’s daily operations and communications platform. Could we create a product for you…?


Dogs Trust - Puppy Smuggling

Puppy smuggling is a sickening trade and it’s happening now. Every day puppies are smuggled illegally into Britain after travelling for days in horrific conditions without food, water or healthcare.



We'll get you to market faster than any other company.

Whatever your digital requirements, we have the capability and expertise to act fast so you can be first.

Partnering with us means you'll get a deeper understanding of your business requirements, technical experience and the creativity you need to create successful, brilliant outcomes for your business.

Helping to Rethink Mental Illness

Dam won a three-way pitch to redesign and build Rethink's website from scratch. We won the pitch based, not only on our obvious technical and creative credentials but because of our empathy and commitment to help Rethink support people living with and affected by mental illness.

Take a look

Marie Curie shop

Driving online sales to help fund vital nursing care. Dam and Marie Curie collaborated closely on an intensive six month project that saw a complete UX and redesign of their online shop, as well as the design and development of new virtual gifts and e-cards. All this and an upgrade of the shop platform.


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