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SHY Aviation

At a glance

The client

SHY Aviation is a private jet brokerage offering an unparalleled round-the-clock service. With a combined 150 years of aviation experience Shy Aviation has become a favourite amongst top business leaders, Hollywood directors, celebrities and sports superstars.


A booking and journey platform to transform the way both customers and team members use technology to access and manage quotes and bookings of flights. The platform streamlines functionality previously carried out on multiple third party systems.


Strategy, Technical design, UX Design, Branding, Creative, React, Umbraco, CRM, Payment integrations, Hosting, support


The new website was rolled out in 2023

We continue to iterate the platform as a strategic partner of SHY

We are currently working on a concierge app for SHY’s sister company Lifestyle

The problem

SHY Aviation's ambition is to be "the best client quotation and private flight booking platform in the world". SHY's brokers and users communicated through various messaging apps in order to manage quotes and complete bookings. DAM had to create a platform that transformed the current manual business model to a fully automated and integrated system. This required moving a lot of functionality which was carried out on multiple third party systems to their own database/platform allowing their brokers to concentrate on providing the level of service and personalisation their clients demand.


SHY wanted an industry leading website that looked and felt different to all the other clichéd private aviation sites out there. We challenged the industry norms to represent a more sophisticated and ground-breaking look for SHY that gave them the edge over their competitors and matched the complexity of the platform we designed and built. 


The solution

The creation of the Shy content database has allowed SHY to provide their clients with bespoke and correct content about the planes being offered in a standard format allowing them to offer an industry leading service to each of their clients every time. This content will feed into each client quote which they will be able to access via their preferred method of communication and interact with their quote to confirm bookings.

Through extensive research and interviews we created SHY's first set of personas and user journeys from which, we designed, wire-framed and crafted the entire booking flow, payment gateway with multiple currencies, member's account, briefing documents and the all-important quotes as well as the brochure-ware and site content.

The key factor that made this project a success was that Dam got to know and understand our business. They created a private aircraft booking and flight management platform with multiple APIs and a central CRM in a methodical and easy to implement way. This coupled with an awesome web based front end giving our customers all the information they need to complete their booking and flight as they would with any major airline on mobile or desktop. It has now given us the opportunity to deliver multiple growth.

Thanks for all you support

Mike Ryan: Chief Strategy Officer, SHY Aviation

The result