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McArthurGlen Club

At a glance

The client

McArthurglen receive over 90 million visitors a year to their 25 designer outlets in 8 countries 

In 2021 we began a digital loyalty programme that allowes customers to use their phones in Centre Stores to access discounts and events within a Web and Native App.


A Web and Native App built using React Native that allowed Centre Customers to access discounts and events at all stores within the Centres.


Strategy, Technical design, UX Design, Brand interpretation, Creative, React Native, Optimizely, SalesForce, Search, IOS, Android


Launched in June 2022

1 million members by December 2022

V2 of the Native and Web App launched in June 2023 in conjunction with a marketing campaign

Both Native and Web App had to be developed to work offline due to the poor connectivity in Centres

The challenge

McArthurGlen saw an opportunity to drive loyalty with their customer through the use of a digital loyalty programm. V1 was launched in June 2022 encompassing both a Native and Web App that allowed customer to scan QR codes in Centre Stores to receive membership discounts and access to events. By December 2022 the platform had attracted 1.2 million members.

McArthurGlens business model means that many of the Centres are located in areas with poor data connectivity. The platform relies on members accessing that days data to ensure they have access to the latest passes, discounts and events.

Dam therefore had to redevelop the App using Native React to be able to cope with customers being able to use the platform with no or little access to data. Once the customer does have data access the scans they have done that day are sent to SalesForce and the data allows McArthurGlen to interact with the Brands in Centre about customer usage and how this can help drive revenue to their stores in Centres.

The solution

The launch of V2 has allowed Customers to access and use their membership benefits whilst in Centre regardless of whether or not they have access to data. This has been a game changer for both the Centres and their Customers and McArthurGlen is targeting at least 2 million registered members by the end of 2023. 

I have worked in the digital space for a many years now and with many different agencies. Without doubt Dam are the most pro-active and intelligent group of people I have ever worked with. The challenges set by the complexities of our Centres have meant the team have had to build an Internet platform that works without the Internet. What an achievement. They care!

Andrew Lapham: Head of Digital Customer Experience

The result